Maria Montessori

Children researching.


The Upper Elementary Program

Students work in an environment conducive to tolerance and respect for others. They are taught to make decisions regarding their work, use their time wisely and use mistakes as an opportunity for further learning.

Research is a big component of the Upper Elementary class.

They are nurtured, grow physically and emotionally while learning traditional academics, such as, language arts, math, geometry, geography, science, history, art, music and foreign language (French).

They learn the value of money and budget by shopping for and preparing a full Thanksgiving meal for school, fire, police and other local volunteers/community helpers. They also organize a multi-family yard sale. They learn public speaking skills by putting on a Veterans’ Day celebration for local veterans.

They expand their study of art/artists, and art history and show their skill in an art show at the end of the year.

They visit a local greenhouse and purchase a house plant to care for throughout the year.

They partner with Kindergarten/Preschool students as reading buddies all year fostering a love of reading.

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