Maria Montessori

"The children are to be taught the creation of the world and man's place in it as far as these questions could be answered in light of religion and philosophy. This global vision excites the child's imagination and garantees his interest. This interest will soon become fixed on one particular part as the starting point for more extensive studies. All parts are related; they will be scrutinized sooner or later."

- Dr. Maria Montessori, MD


School Visit

Parents of children not currently enrolled at The Montessori School of the Angels, Inc. are encouraged to schedule an appointment to visit the school. To do so, please contact:

Mrs. Christine Phenix
Phone: 508-636-0200 or E-mail:

An open house / materials night, giving parents hands on understanding of a student’s experience in each level of the curriculum, is held yearly during the month of October. Parents of prospective students and of current students are encouraged to attend.

Parents whose children are currently enrolled at TMSA are welcome to visit the school at any time in accordance with the school’s open door policy. However, parents must sign in at the office upon their arrival to visit the school. If the need arises to have their child dismissed before dismissal time (3PM), their child will be dismissed from the school office.

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