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The child learns and masters the cylinder block lesson which consists of four wooden blocks that contain ten cylinders each. Children gain an understanding of varies heights, lengths and widths.


2018-2019 School Calendar

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*NOTE: Catholic Schools Week is January 28th to February 1st and Montessori Schools Week is February 25th to March 1st.

Forms for Download

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School Supplies

Download 2018-2019 (Class A) School Supply List
(Mrs. Olivera's Class)

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(Mrs. Anselmo's Class)

Download 2018-2019 (Lower Elementary) School Supply List
(Mrs. Levesque, Ms. Elizabeth Brow & Mrs. Takako Levesque Jr.)

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Other Information

Mrs. Olivera's Welcome Letter

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Mrs. Anselmo's Welcome Letter

Our Day - Preschool/Kindergarten 2018 Schedule

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