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Lunch Menu

TMSA is a Nut-Free School

The Montessori School of The Angels, Inc. does not provide meals for the children. However, the school does serve milk 2 times a day for the Preschool and Kindergarten children at mid-morning snack and at lunch time. Water is available throughout the day for all children.

Morning snack will consist of a healthy snack (NO PEANUT BUTTER, ETC.)

Each child shall bring in their own nut-free snack.

The Hot Lunch Menu

Download the hot lunch menu for Febuary 5th to Febuary 9th, 2018.

Hot lunches are available Tuesday through Friday. However, parents must order a week in advance. All lunch orders are due by 9:00 AM Monday for shopping purposes. If not buying hot lunch, parents are to prepare a boxed lunch for their child which should include a napkin and utensils if needed.

Please keep in mind that our school is a nut free school. (NO PEANUT BUTTER, etc.)

Microwaves are available to heat lunches for Preschool/Kindergarten children ONLY.

*Please note that microwaves are not available in the lunch area for the Lower Elementary students. So lunches should be ready to eat, eg. sandwiches, vegetables, cheese etc.

Upper Elementary Students and Middle School Students.

Aftercare Snack

All children staying for extended PM care should bring snacks and drinks for 4PM snack. (Crackers and water will be available for those children who do not bring a snack)

When preparing your child's lunch, keep healthy nutrition in mind. Provide wise choices that contain the nutrients necessary for healthy bodies. Avoid empty calorie foods such as soda, candy, gum, chips, and cakes. Empty calorie foods fill your child's little stomachs and, besides not promoting a healthy body, they may add unwanted pounds.




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